Frequently Ask Questions


1.       Can I work and study?

Yes. The programme is designed for students to study while they are working.

2.       Can I still have time to spend for my family ?

Yes . Classes are held only during some of the weekends. Therefore you can still have time to spend with your family

3.       Can I do the program as I have been out of touch for a long time?

Yes definitely. The program is designed for basically adults with work experience. Therefore most of the students are people who have left school long time ago.  The programmes will require your knowledge at work place and will be helpful to people with experience only. Therefore you can easily cope with the program.

4.       Are the programmes recognized by companies?

The hundreds of students that are studying in the program presently and 10, 000 over students that have already graduated come from various Malaysian companies and Multi National  corporations.  These students came into the programmes because it reflects the recognition given by the employers to the programmes.

5.       Can I get promotions after completing the course?

A lot of our past students have got promotions and salary adjustments after they finished their course. Some have even got improvements in their job while pursuing their course. While we cannot guarantee that you will get promotions, your chances are certainly better if you equip yourself with a qualification. However other considerations such as your performance, attitudes as well as communication skills are also important considerations.  

6.       How does the qualification assist in my day to day job?

A management qualification teaches you the concepts and skills to make you a better planner, decision maker, problem solver , analytical thinker and people manager. These skills are the requisites of a responsible senior level manager in a company. Therefore by acquiring these skills and concepts you are preparing yourself for a higher llevel position in the company.

7.       Can I study further after the programme?

There are various pathways available for further study opportunities after you complete the programme. The opportunity available depends on the programme you are undertaking. Please refer to the programme coordinator for this information.

8.       How is the passing percentage?

The passing percentages are basically high in an adult programme like the one you have choosen.  As long as assignments are done and submitted on time and necessary class presentations and test are done, passing is generally high.  The components require you to do some amount of study or research on the particular module in question.

9.       Are classes held every weekend?

No. Classes are not held every weekend. It is held on only some weekends for which schedules are given in advance.

10.   Are the programmes recognized by MQA ( Malaysian Qualifications Agency) ?

The Executive programmes are practical oriented programmes designed for working adults to acquire knowledge and soft skills for career purposes. It is basically assignment oriented and not highly academic and is not designed by the University  to meet MQA guidelines.

11.   Is MQA relevant  for me?

MQA qualifications are relevant if you are a government servant and if your company insists on a MQA qualification.

12.   What is JPA?

JPA stands for Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam and in English it is call Public Services Department (PSD). It is the body that provides the quidelines on criteria for selection of staff into government service. JPA provides the list of University qualifications that is accepted for government service.

13.   How can I pay for the the programme ?

You can fund your course through your EPF (account 2) as well as cash installments or a combination of both.

14.   Why are Executive programmes popular?

Executive programmes are hugely popular because it is very practical in nature, assignment based and shorter in duration . It provides the necessary knowledge and soft skills for employees to gain  sound understanding of business challenges and operations  required to become a good manager w. This in turn prepares participants for higher positions in the companies that they work in leading to job promotions and success at work. MQA accredited programmes on the other hand are longer in duration and more academic requiring extensive book research and is generally examination based.

15.   What is the difference between executive and non-executive programmes?

Executive programmes are assignment based practical programmes which are shorter in duration. Non executive programmes are traditional examination based academic oriented programmes which are longer in duration.

16.   Are class schedules provided in advance?

Yes Schedules are provided in advance. It is also available on our websites.

17.   Will there be assistance in KWSP Processing?

Yes. We will assist you with the preparation of the documentation required for KWSP application . However you have to submit the application personally yourself, as your thumb print is required for any KWSP withdrawal.

18.   Can I do two modules per month?

As a working adult we always insist that you do 1 module per month.  This prevents the workload from getting too much on you as you are only a part time student with limited time who has to balance between work, family and studies! ……transfer this question and answer to aeu

19.   Who issues the transcripts and awards?

All transcripts and awards are issued by the University.

20.   What is the medium of instruction for the programme?

In general medium of instruction is English. However BM is used from time to time to enable better understanding.

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