Frequently Ask Questions

UMP Executive Diploma

1.       Are classes held every weekend?

No. Classes are held only on 1 weekend per month over 18 hours.

2.       Do I  need work experience to join the program?

Yes. The programme is designed for SPM holders with working experience. Therefore to join the programme you need to have at least 3 years of working experience.

3.       Can I get promotion at the workplace after the course?

A lot of our past students have got promotions and salary adjustments after they finished their course. Some have even got improvements in their job while pursuing their course. While we cannot guarantee that you will get promotions, your chances are certainly better if you equip yourself with a qualification. However other considerations such as your performance, attitudes as well as communication skills are also important considerations.  

4.       Are there examinations?

There are no formal examinations for  this course!

5.       Can I pay fees partly by EPF and balance by monthly installments?

Yes. If the amount available in your EPF Account 2, is only partly sufficient to cover your course fees,  then the balance can be paid through monthly installments

6.       Are the awards issued by UMP or Warisan Akademi?

The Executive Diploma award and transcript is issued by UMP

7.       Where are the convocations held?

Convocations are held by the University normally in the University convocation  hall

8.       Are course materials provided ?

Yes. Course materials are provided. Therefore students do not have to buy textbooks .

9.       I left school many years ago…can I cope with the program?

Yes definitely. The program is designed for basically adults with years of work experience. Therefore most of the students are people who have left school long time ago.  The programmes will require your knowledge at workplace to enable better understanding of concepts and soft skills taught. Therefore you can easily cope with the program.

10.   If I cannot attend the class for a month, can I re-attend the missed module?

Yes you can. You have to check with the programme coordinator and see when or where is the module being conducted again, as it is also possible for some missed modules to be  attended in other Waridan centres!

11.   How are the modules assessed?

The assessment of the modules are based on assignment (60%),class test (30%) and class attendance (10%)

12.   How many modules are there in the program ?

The UMP Executive programme is made up of 10 modules

13.   What is residential module and how much do I have to pay for it?

Residential module is a module which is conducted in the University campus in Kuantan. Students will be provided with transport to and from UMP campus, accomodation in a hotel for 2 nights and 3 days as well as breakfast, lunch and some refreshments during class there. There is no additional fees charged to students for this as all cost will be borne by ATC

14.   Are there any hidden extra  charges ?

There are no other charges other than course fees and registration. However students will have to pay for convocation organized by the University., if they decide to go for the convo. Those who decide not to attend the convo don’t have to pay for convocation fees.  There is a fee payable if students decide to change their course of study or if they refer a module as outlined by the University rules and regulations guidebook.

15.   I am an outstation student, can I get accommodation when I come for class?

 Yes. Accommodation is available for out- students who travel from far at the discretion of the centre manager.

16.   What if I fail a module?

You may repeat the module if you fail. Refer to the University rules and regulations for additional fees for such referrals.

17.   What is the background of the trainers?

The modules are taught partly and by University lecturers and partly by Industry experienced facilitators from the private sector

18.   Can I do a degree program after the executive diploma course?

Yes . There is a pathway for you to get an MQA accredited degree or non MQA Executive Bachelors degree upon completion of the Executive Diploma. Please refer to the counselor for information on this options.

19.   How long is the executive diploma program?

The duration of the Executive Diploma program is 12 months

20.   Are there Warisan branches in other towns where I can sign up for the programme?

Yes. You can pursue the UMP Executive Diploma in any of Warisan branches namely, Teluk Intan, kuantan, Kluang and Bintulu

21.   What are the entry requirements for the programme ?

Entry requirements for the programme is SPM and more than 3 years of working experience.



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