Frequently Ask Questions

Aeu Bachelor

1.       Are classes held every weekend?

No. Classes are held only on 3 days in a month which involves 2 Sundays and 1 Saturday in a month.

2.       Do I need work experience to join the program?

Yes. The programme is designed for working adults and as such it requires participants to have working experience.

3.       Can I get promotion at the workplace after the course?

A lot of our past students have got promotions and salary adjustments after they finished their course. Some have even got improvements in their job while pursuing their course. While we cannot guarantee that you will get promotions, your chances are certainly better if you equip yourself with a qualification. However other considerations such as your performance, attitudes as well as communication skills are also important considerations.  

4.       Are there examinations?

There are no formal end of semester examinations .

5.       Can I pay fees partly by EPF and balance by monthly installments?

No...only can pay by cash installment or diploma holder can try for epf

6.       Are the awards issued by Asia e University or IGE?

The awards are isuued by Asia e University

7.       Where are the convocations held?

Convocations are normally organized by the University at a venue decided by them

8.       Are course materials provided ?

Yes . Course materials are provided. Students do not have to buy separate textbooks. Additional materials can be obtained if necessary through the internet or on-line library facilities provided.

9.       I left school many years ago…can I cope with the program?

Yes definitely. The program is designed for adults with years of work experience. Therefore most of the students are people who have left school long time ago.  The programmes will require your knowledge at workplace to enable better understanding of concepts and soft skills taught. Therefore you can easily cope with the program.

10.   If I cannot attend the class for a month, can I re-attend the missed module?

Yes you can. You have to check with the programme coordinator and see when or where is the module being conducted again, as it is also possible for some missed modules to be  attended in other centres!

11.   How are the modules assessed?

The modules are assessed through take home assignments, class test, class presentation and class attendance.

12.   How many modules are there in the program?

There are 12 modules and a project in the programme.

13.   Are there any hidden extra charges?

 There are no other charges other than course fees and registration fees. However students will have to pay for convocation organized by the University., if they decide to go for the ceremony .  Those who decide not to attend the convocation ceremony don’t have to pay for convocation fees. 

14.   I am an outstation student, can I get accommodation when I come for classes?

Yes. Accommodation is available for out- students who travel from far at the discretion of the centre manager.

15.   What if I fail a module?

You may repeat the module if you fail to make the grades necessary for a pass.

16.   What is the background of the trainers?

The trainers are primarily from industry background with more than 10 years of Senior Management experience with a minimum of a Masters level qualification.

17.   Can I do a Masters program after the Bachelors course?

Yes you may pursue to the AeU Executive Masters programme upon completion of the Executive Bachelors programme.

18.   How long is the Bachelors program?

The duration of the course is 15 months

19.   Are there  IGE branches in other towns where I can sign up for the programme?

Yes. At present the programme is being conducted in 13 IGE branches throughout the country, namely Prai, Ipoh, Shah Alam. Bangsar, Kajang, Seremban, Melaka, Johore Baru, Kluang, Kuantan, Bintulu, Lahad Datu and Kuching

20.   What is industry seminar?

Industry seminar is whereby one of the modules is conducted in a hotel environment on an overnight basis (1night 2 days) in the form of a seminar. 6 different industry expert speakers will be engaged to speak widely on the module with dialogue slotted in between for students to ask questions.  IGE will bear the cost of the hotel accommodation and food during the 2 days. The module presently conducted in this form is Strategic Management

21.   How long is the foreign module and where is it held?

Foreign module is whereby  1 of modules of the programme is conducted away in a foreign country. The foreign module is currently being held in Indonesia over 4 nights and 5 days with IGE bearing the cost of airfare, hotel accommodation, airport transfers , daily breakfast and all food on 2 seminar days.

22.   Do I have to pay additional fees for the foreign module?

No. You do not have to pay any additional  fees for the foreign module.

23.   What is MIM and is the membership good for me and how much do I pay for it?

MIM stands for Malaysian Institute of Management. It is a professional body which provides memberships to qualified professional managers. The membership will certainly give you an added recognition to you as a professional manager and you can add MIM designation behind your name depending on your membership category. The body also provides more than 10,000 management books for you to do research, an e-library, free management seminars as well as quarterly magazines with articles on management and business.

24.   What is the project about and how is It useful for me as a student?

The project is a documentation of a problem or process faced at the workplace with recommended solutions . It requires students to apply the knowledge and concepts that  they have acquired from the various modules  and recommend possible solutions which are  practically applicable and financially viable to the company. The project seeks to make students more analytical problem solvers which is required at higher levels in the organization.

25.     Why is Asia e University unique?

Asia e University was formed in collaboration with 31 countries and is available in many countries in Asia unlike the traditional university which is only based in 1 location.

26.     What are the entry requirements for the programme?

The programme is available to holders of Diploma or Executive Diploma with at least 5 years of work experience .  Matured adults working in the capacity of an Executive aged 30 years and above may be given special considerations by the University if they do not meet the above criteria.



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