Why Choose Interface Group for your studies ?


1.    Weekend classes on some weekends only leaving enough time for family and work.

2.    Modular structure of courses making it easy for working adults where they pursue and finish 1 module at a time.

3.    Big network of Centres-Our 15 networks of centres across the country offers classes near to homes of students .Our present locations are:

a)     Prai, Penang

b)    Ipoh

c)     Shah Alam

d)    Bangsar

e)     Kajang

f)      Seremban

g)    Melaka

h)     Johor Bharu

i)      Kluang

j)      Kuantan

k)     Sibu

l)      Bintulu

m)   Kuching

n)     Miri     

o)     Bahau (NS)

p)   Lahad datu

4.    Assessment suitable for working adults based on attendances, presentations, class test or quiz and take home assignments.

5.    Notes provided together with refreshments in between classes.

6.    2 day high impact Industry Seminar by industry experts at no extra cost.

7.    Foreign module where one module is conducted partly or fully overseas in combination with study tours at no extra cost.

8.    We are a specialist in providing Industry relevant courses suitable to the career needs of working adults.

9.    Industry experienced lecturers with at least a Masters level qualification.

10.  Pathway for higher education available.

11.  Bright promotion opportunities due to relevancy of the course to the participant’s job.

12.  Network opportunities with successful professionals who are pursuing the course.